Our honey is harvested in late summer and is left in its natural, raw state with all the nutrients and enzymes intact. After harvest, the honey will change its color and consistency as it crystallizes and thickens naturally. The honey will be easily spreadable if kept at room temperature. It’s available year round for pick up at Zinniker Farm.

Our Bees

Bees are an important part of any farm. Our bees are cared for like everything else we steward, without chemicals. Honey Valley Apiaries keeps multiple hives on our farm year-round. The bees are able to find nectar and pollen from a huge variety of trees, bushes, shrubs, grass, flowers, and herbs, which makes our honey unique. It has been described as “magic honey “ by some of our customers.


Free-Range Eggs

Our eggs are from truly free-range chickens. They have daily and year-round access to grass and pasture, with the freedom to forage for bugs and worms in the farmyard and the fields. They scratch and peck to their hearts desire.

We grind and mix our own chicken feed on the farm, which allows us to offer our chickens a much wider variety of ingredients than even organic pre-mixed feeds do and we also adjust for seasonal variation in their nutritional needs. A minimum of five different grains, chopped hay, animal protein and high-quality supplements like kelp meal are in the mix and it gets topped daily with milk, their absolute favorite



We grow oyster, wine cap, and shiitake mushrooms. Since all our mushrooms grow in a natural outdoor setting, their availability varies due to fruiting cycles that are initiated by local weather conditions. These mushrooms are high in proteins (15-30%) and other health-promoting nutrients that also show great potential medicinal uses. Shiitake mushrooms contain nearly all of the complete essential amino acids, making this as close to a “complete protein” as meat. They are easy to add to any dish or make a delicious stand-alone cream of mushroom soup.



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