Our herd enjoys year-round access to the outdoors and is fed fresh grass on pasture during the season and hay in the winter. The animals have been living and breeding on our farm for decades and are well adjusted to the local environment. Over the past few years, we have been transitioning our dairy herd to beef genetics by breeding with a Pinzgauer bull. We chose this breed for our growing beef operation because of its reputation of having a rich and plentiful milk supply for their calf, which will give the young animals a good and healthy start. This breed also carries the tenderness gene, and together with our holistic grazing management produces very high-quality meat.



We raise several Heritage breed pigs in an outdoor setting, all of which are known for excellent taste and texture. Aside from access to pasture whenever possible, they enjoy a wholesome, diverse diet of organic grain, vegetables, and raw milk from the farm. No hormones or antibiotics are used in raising these pigs. They are allowed to move around freely, graze and forage in the soil, and nap in the sunshine.


Soup Chickens

At the end of our chicken’s laying cycle, they are sold as soup chickens and make a most wonderful healthy chicken stock. Soup chickens are from our laying flock that lives at the farm year-round but are processed only in the Summer and on the farm. They make excellent chicken stock.

Pre-Order Soup Chicken

Quantity is limited and pre-ordering is recommended. Please contact us to inquire about pre-ordering